The five pelean volcanoes

Gerbier de Jonc et s

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The five pelean volcanoes are in the shape of domes and of the same family as the famous Gerbier de Jonc. Here are their names : the Montfol, the Sépoux, the Séponet, the Taupernas and the Lauzière.

A Peléan eruption is extrusive meaning it is caused by viscous, gas-poor magma which builds domes. Depending on the lava's viscosity, the domes can take on different shapes.

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All year round.

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Nature guides accompany you along the Sentier des Sources of the Loire path (path of the sources) every day of the week during the months of July and August, and during the weekends in late June and early September. You can also walk the path unaccompanied: past the geographical and authentic sources, follow the blue dots on the path that starts in front of the Gerbier de Jonc restaurant, left of the road that comes from the Gerbier de Jonc esplanade.


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Latitude : 44.851945

Longitude : 4.15575

Altitude : 1400 m

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